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At ANARK, we are - absolutely and unfailingly - committed to quality. We use only the best materials, engineer to the most exacting standards, and benchmark against some of the industry's best known and most respected brands, to bring you some of the highest quality, best performing gym and fight products on the planet.



ANARK product and graphic designers recognise the importance of original, exceptional product design in every sense of the word. To carry the ANARK name, a product must not only perform superbly, it needs to have superior fit, ergonomics and aesthetics, and to respect the unique demands of high-level fighters and strength athletes.



Many brands are run by number-crunchers with little or no direct industry experience - you know... poindexters in it for the money; pinheads who've never thrown a punch or lifted anything heavier than their coffee cups. Sure, we're business and technical professionals too - with better credentials than most - but we're also hard-training industry pros with decades of hands-on gym and fight sports experience. We're committed to the Australian gym and fight-sports industries, know first-hand what works in the gym and in the ring - and relentlessly test - and use - the products that we create. [More about us...]



We're not about to slap the ANARK brand on anything resembling the cheaply-made, mass-market rubbish frequently marketed to the unwary novice. If that's your thing, you've got plenty of options elsewhere. We're also not out to gouge and mislead our customers with overpriced, lower-grade products hyped-up with misleading technical jargon and marketing BS. ANARK products are top-end, enthusiast-level products, designed and manufactured without compromise... and sensibly priced within reach of even beginning lifters and fighters. That's real value!



Our lineup of ANARK® branded elite gym and fight clothing and accessories is growing rapidly, and we also carry a range of legacy IRONCORPS® products - including a small ladies' gymwear range - and select International third-party brands. Access one of Australia's finest selections of top-end gymwear, fight clothing and personal gym and fight accessories all under the one roof - right here at ANARK® Sports!

The ANARK Story

The ANARK® brand (then known as IRONCORPS) was born in 2013, and our history in activewear manufacturing and distribution, and in gym and fight sports, spans decades...

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MMA Fight Shorts "Righteous Savage"
$84.95 $64.95 (Including tax)
MMA Fight Shorts "Dragonslayer"
$84.95 $64.95 (Including tax)