With ANARK® brand boxing and martial arts accessories, you're getting top quality, enthusiast-level martial arts supplies at direct-to-the-public prices - you simply won't match the quality at anything like these prices. Although our ANARK® label currently focuses on boxing/ Muay Thai disciplines, we'll be expanding into other styles in the not too distant future (we're multi-discipline martial artists ourselves). Our range of legacy IRONCORPS products - almost all now reduced to clear due to rebranding - is also great quality, includes a number of traditional club-level martial arts accessories, and is also incredible value (many of these products are priced at/ near/ below manufacturing cost)!

Now, with the recent introduction of Top Ten, Hayashi and other brands to our stable, our range of boxing and martial arts accessories is no longer just one of Australia's best quality and best value - it's rapidly becoming one of Australia's largest!

Top Ten is particularly well known for its safety gear, having set the standard in that arena decades ago, and, with Top Ten and Hayashi, we now have access to martial arts uniforms and accessories with approval from organisations including, among others, the International Boxing Association (AIBA), International Taekwon-do Federation (ITF) and World Karate Federation (WKF).

400cm Elastic Boxing Hand Wraps/ Mexican Boxing Wraps
$12.95 $9.95 (Including tax)
450cm AIBA Elastic Boxing Hand Wraps
$13.95 (Including tax)
500cm Cotton Boxing Hand Wraps - Non-Elastic (Black)
$13.95 (Including tax)
500cm Elastic Cotton Boxing Hand Wraps Save
500cm Elastic Cotton Boxing Hand Wraps
$11.95 $6.95 (Including tax)
Curved Thai Kick Pad Save
Curved Thai Kick Pad (*Single Pad) - IRONCORPS® Ultra Strike
$64.95 $24.95 (Including tax)
Martial Arts Kick Shield Save
Deluxe Large Martial Arts Kick Shield (*Single Shield)
$219.95 $189.95 (Including tax)
Deluxe Mini Martial Arts Kick Shield (*Single Shield)
$139.95 $124.95 (Including tax)
Gel Curved Genuine Leather Focus (Hook-and-Jab) Pads
$99.95 $59.95 (Including tax)