Muay Thai Training Gloves

Muay Thai Training Gloves, Genuine Leather - Thai Legend

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Our great new Thai Legend Muay Thai gloves are stunning utility/ training boxing gloves are brilliant for bag work/ focus training or sparring. They feature a traditional Western boxing fit, but a number of subtle design enhancements make them better suited to Muay Thai fighters than traditional boxing glove designs.

  • Premium cowhide leather;
  • Hand-made, multi-layer padding;
  • Tied thumb;
  • 75mm hook-and-loop wrist strap;
  • Moisture resistant lining;
  • Palm roll and clinch padding.

Featuring a stunning original print design inspired by Thai mythology.

** A note on sizing: There are a number of factors that go into your preferred choice of glove weight, including personal preference, intended use, body weight, and, of course, hand-size (heavier gloves are also larger), so please speak with your coach and/ or conduct your own research as to the most appropriate glove weight for your circumstances. However, in terms of hand-size, please note that these are similar to other popular traditional Western-style boxing gloves, including our popular "Raptor" style. Averaged-sized men can most likely comfortably fit anything from a 10oz - 16oz glove (18oz are better suited to larger fighters). Most average-sized women will fit 10oz, 12oz and possibly 14oz gloves.

*Our sizing guides are provided for your reference only, and based on in-house product testing. They do generally work very well, but not for everyone (as sizing online is far from an exact science). To maximise the likelihood of a good fit, please take your time and follow the instructions carefully and measure accurately. Please factor the cost of potential returns (buyer is responsible for all postage charges) into your purchase decision. Our pricing is such, however, that, even in this event, you will, in most cases, still save over retail store pricing.