Gel + Leather Elite Focus (Hook-and-Jab) Pads

Gel Elite Curved Genuine Leather Focus (Hook-and-Jab) Pads - "Thai Legend" Boxing, Muay Thai, Martial Arts

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These are our most advanced focus pads to date, featuring an innovative 4 layer (including a gel layer) core which is softer, while still delivering maximum shock absorption and a clean, crisp strike. Premium leather shell with ergonomic shape, palm ball and easy-grip wrist padding, with an adjustable wrist strap to ensure a secure fit.

These are, without doubt, some of the finest focus pads in the market, and a must-have for serious strikers and pad holders from all disciplines. We've styled these to appeal to Nak Muay, but boxers and martial artists will love them too.

App. 265mm x 200mm x 60-65mm. App. 480grams/ pad.