ANARK's range of boxing, martial arts, Muay Thai and MMA clothing is top-tier, expansive... and getting bigger and better every month. Our brands include exclusive, top-end brands such as our own ANARK® label, plus International brands such as Top Ten and Hayashi.

The ANARK® label, first launched as IRONCORPS® in 2013, was built on more than a decade-and-a-half of prior activewear design and development experience. ANARK® branded fightwear embodies a deep understanding of construction techniques and fabric technologies, and of fight physiques and movement, along with an obsession with perfection and an artist's eye for detail and visual aesthetics. You won't find better designed, better made or more visually striking fight gear than our "Barbarian Fight Tees" and "Barbarian Fight Shorts", and our ANARK Muay Thai shorts are also some of the best Thai-style fight shorts in the game.

You'll also want to check out our range of Top Ten's fight tees - as they have some styles better suited to ladies and to specific disciplines, such as karate and ITF taekwon-do. Top Ten's MMA and Thai shorts are first-rate and definitely worth a look too.

We also carry an expansive range of karate, ITF taekwon-do and WTF-style taekwondo martial arts belts and uniforms, at a range of price points, including a number of approved styles by Top Ten and Hayashi. These guys produce some of the finest martial arts uniforms that we've ever seen, and are well respected around the globe by martial artists and organisations.