Weight Lifting Belt

Weight Lifting Belt (ARTISAN) Genuine Leather 100mm, Double Buckle

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Anark's "Artisan" range of weight lifting/ powerlifting belts are handcrafted with passion from premium leathers and fittings, and individually finished for a stunning, one-of-a-kind appearance.

Our Artisan 4" double buckle lifting belts are crafted from high-grade vegetable tanned leather, and feature double stitching, lumbar padding, a quality double buckle and nickel-plated brass screw rivets, embossed branding and a distressed natural finish. This is a tough, comfortable and supportive weight training belt that looks both amazing and unique.

This is an elite level lifting belt that serious bodybuilders and lifters will be proud to own and wear.

Please note that, as these belts are individually hand-treated with a distressed finish, the appearance of each belt is unique, and the final finish - although very similar to the above photographs - will vary slightly from belt to belt.

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